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Jun 21, 2013 3:00am PDT
of money they're pumping into the economy each month. >> we will ease the pressure on the accelerator by gradually reducing the pace of purchases. >> reporter: the second, overnight thursday, bad news from china. manufacturing production fell for the first time in eight months. a sign that one of the world's most powerful economies isn't growing as fast as it had been. the pros on wall street say this was bound to happen after months of gains and record highs. and in fact, the fed pulling back might be a good sign that the economy's getting better. >> there is no fear. there is no panic that's going on. but i think we do know that it's going to be a nice slow, orderly process to see if our economy can stand on its own again. >> reporter: that doesn't make yesterday any prettier, and stocks were only part of it. a metal meltdown. 2 1/2-year lows for gold and silver. gold, the shelter from the storm in the recession, is dropping like a rock, losing a quarter of its value to far this year. don't be too afraid to peek at your 401(k). even after yesterday's dramatic drop, the dow was up mo
Jun 17, 2013 3:00am PDT
talking about policy. we're not saying we don't like the economy. we're not saying it's this one program. we don't trust you. >> reporter: and that becomes a huge problem for a progressive presi"ent who needs to tell people, let me use the government to make you) life better. if you don't trust him, his disapproval rating is up and you think government is too big -- 6 in 10 americans now think government is too big, that he can't manage it effectively. this is like a political version of an underwater mortgage, if you will. his disapproval is above 50. people don't trust the government. you look at this coming out, is he trustworthy? 49% say yes. that's up 58% since just last month. so he's taking a hit. something has americans stoppint and saying, hey, wait a minute. when you're early second term with the midterms just around the corner, don't invest in one poll, but if you're president and you know the clock is ticking, that's trouble. >> it's one thing about the nsa or about a policy, but if it's whether or not he's believable, it makes it difficult to come back, even it's just one po
Jun 19, 2013 3:00am PDT
news that we need to know. big day for the economy. >> it is "b" day, ben bernanke, deciding how long to keep up propping up the economy, is the economy strong enough to stand on its own? wall street nervous, the dow posted triple-digit moves, you guys, past six sessions, dow futures up 29 points right now. brand new cnn/orc poll most americans say the economy is in poor shape and when it comes to people's finance more pessimism. 44% say they're financially worse off than a year ago, only 36% say they're better off. no improvement from last year, no improvement. the stock market is up 13% and there's no improvement from last year. >> she's getting emotional about it. she's got a frog in her throat. >> cnn money released a list of best places to launch a business, montana, vermont, new mexico, and if you want to launch a business there you go. >> i'm thinking north dakota, i did a piece in north dakota about the fracking industry and how it's booming. lowest unemployment. >> the lowest unemployment in the country is in north dakota. i hear it's lovely this time of year. >> not a lot of
Jun 20, 2013 3:00am PDT
had to say. >> he said the economy is getting better, that means the fed will stop all the stimulus. not right now but eventually. dow futures down 80 points, big sell-off yesterday, the dow, nasdaq, s&p all swooning by more than 1%. the dow was down 206 points. fed reserve chairman ben bernanke said the fed was prepared to "taper" its purchases of bonds as the economy improves. he signaled the stimulus program could end by next year, that could raise your borrowing costs, you would feel it. >>> a stunning turnaround for general motors for the first time j.d. power and associates says gm is the car company with the best quality. all four gm brands were ranked above the industry average. gm filed for bankruptcy back in 2009 so this is a milestone for general motors. >>> a faster version of wifi is on the way t will allow to you transfer, imagine this, a high definition movie to a tablet in less than four minutes. the samsung galaxy s4 and routers from cisco will be among the first to use this new high speed wifi. apple says its future products will use the faster network, full movie,
Jun 18, 2013 3:00am PDT
and tomorrow and ben bernanke intends to pull back on the stimulus giving the economy. your 401(k) and your money depend on that guy right there. stay tuned. >>> chrysler has until midnight to decide whether it will recall 2.7 million jeeps. the government asked them to recall because of problems in the fuel tank that could cause a fire in rear end crashes. chrysler says we're not going to. tonight is the deadline. if chrysler does not agree to the recall the government then has to have public hearings and they can try this involuntary recall route and eventually has to take chrysler to court. >> can you explain that to me briefly. why is that a good pr move? is it a financial move? sounds bad. >> some watchdogs say it would be millions of dlafrz for them to have to recall all of these things, some of these model years are a little bit older but chrysler is determined not to recall these jeeps. they say that if there's a crash it's because the speed of the crash, not the design of the fuel tank. the government disagrees. >> that's the key. christine just told you they don't believe the text
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)